WordPress Is Not About Software

One of my personal philosophies is that connections with people are important. As human beings we live through the filters that we develop through experience. And I believe that every connection we make with another person changes those filters and changes how we think.

Now I have dipped my toe into the WordPress community over the past couple of years and the other day I realised that WordPress is not about the software. So what is it about? Well I will come back to that in a bit.

Have you ever seen the film Source Code? I saw it the other day, thinking that it would involve coding in same action packed thriller. It didn’t but the film was still enjoyable. The theme of the film was about connections. Connections with people and the effect they have on you.

That is what WordPress is about in my opinion. WordPress connects both the Primary and Secondary audiences. All over the world. In fact 20% of the internet according to the stats.

WordPress not only allows those people who use WordPress to connect with their audiences, but because of the open sourceness(if there is such a word!) of WordPress it also connects the developers and designers who make stuff for WordPress as well.

All those connections. Changing the way people see the world.

So I would say that WordPress is not about the software, it’s about the connections it allows us all to make.

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