Dates On Posts And Searching For Old Content

Dear Mr Halpern,

I love your site social triggers, people like yourself and Chris Lema provide a lot of insight into how people like me can improve our marketing and selling. Not just of our websites or products but also ourselves and our skills. Your videos are not only crazy, but also, amazingly, very informative, and very entertaining.


It makes me despair when I see posts without any dates on, and find no way of searching for older posts other than using google. Now I understand that according to SEO gurus not having dates on your posts means that you may get better page rankings. I understand that post content should be timeless. I understand that if people see dates in their search results they might think that the information in the post might not be relevant. But please have some respect for your readers and maybe let them make that decision.

I’m not sure why you do not have search functionality on the home page of your site? Maybe it’s a bug, maybe it’s by design? What I do know is that when I was looking for a past article to post in a link on a comment on another site, I couldn’t. So please could you put it back.

Kind Regards,


P.S. You are far from being the only site that doesn’t include dates on their posts. So any other sites that are listening, please take note!

P.P.S. I really really love your site social triggers and anyone who is reading this and has not been over there yet should go take a look. Go on, Go.

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